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Oxford Capital

A source of financial strength and inspiration for investors
With oxford capital your financial dreams can help you chase better fortunes where generations will inherit a lifetime investment through real estate.
When you invest your funds, the climax is you immediately start generating huge income that will create wealth for you and the family. Simply put, your investment will create 100% financial security.

It is important to note that OXFORD CAPITAL gives:
1. Financial freedom.
2. Time to drive sustainable economic growth through investment and fulfillment.
3. A gift that leaves your children happy for a lifetime.
4. Confident to be a part of an exciting journey into owning an estate of your choice.
Are you thinking where to invest your money?
Find something TRUE, then find a way to invest your capital into an Estate that will be your own for a lifetime.

• Your investment is extremely safe.
• Your investment is projectable.
• Your investment is the future economy.
• Your investment from all ramifications is the best option.
• Your investment make generation feel something unique and exceptional.
• Your investment create need financial experience and support unity.

Oxford Sales

This is a product managed by Oxford Commercial Services Int’l Ltd. And designed to help customers and associates be successful, finding the best landed properties in good locations across Nigeria and abroad. This product is designed for all classes of individuals willing to acquire quality assets at fair prices in viable and strategic environment. It is developed to meet the need of everybody irrespective of class at places where it will meet their needs both in Nigeria and abroad.

Land Banking

Land banking is an investment product designed to help investors build their investment portfolio over a period of time. This investment offers opportunity to invest in estate development at the ROI of 25% annually. It allows investors to pick up its invested capital including it ROI. Investors can roll-over their investment over a period of 5 years giving them the opportunity to grow their fund from the minimum to the maximum profit depending on the invested capital.
Investment opportunity:
N10 million investment has a guaranteed interest of 25% which is N2,500,000
N5 million investment has a guaranteed interest of 25% which is N1,250,000
N2 million investment has a guaranteed interest of 25% which is N500,000
N1 million investment has a guaranteed interest of 25% which is N250,000


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