Oxford Gold

Oxford Gold is a unique real estate investment focused on providing outstanding investment opportunities for investor to succeed in real estate investment. It offers a short term plan of 6 month and a long term plan of 1 year on different investment plans and to different individuals.

Investors take advantage of creating wealth by investing their capital into oxford estate business. Oxford package get matured in 180 days (6 months). Oxford Gold provides two investment platforms for its potential investors namely:

Land Value Return (LVR) draws up plans for investors to provide a substantial capital to the company and after 6 months he/she is rewarded with a property worth twice his/her capital. Land Value Return (LVR) gives 100% on Return On Investment (ROI).

Cash Value Return (CVR) is aimed at generating 25% interest of the capital invested by the investors in the period of 6 months. Cash Value Return (CVR) is primarily meant to help an individual to be potential investors.