ONE LAND ONE CUSTOMER is a product designed specifically for income earners that have dream of owning a plot (s) of land.

The product is to finance and purchase landed property FOR CUSTOMERS through our partner's (financial institutions such as banks) while paying by Installment from your monthly income.

This makes you to secure a successful real estate investment future while you are still active in service or your business.

1. Gives you access to your property
2. With little or no stress on your income you own a land
3. Own a land instantly on your 1st payment
4. Enjoy the best and affordable price
5. Reduce the stress of unnecessary charges from financial institutions
6. Provide a platform for your payment that suits your monthly income
7. Have access to any of our location
8. Instant allocation
9. “FREE” inspection
10. Access to promo events and win star and consolation prizes


  1. Must be a salary earner {Private, Lagos State Government or Federal (Public )
  2. Must be a confirmed employee
  3. Must earn a minimum net income of N50,000 monthly
  4. Must have a salary account
  5. Must have worked for at least 6 months


  1. Duly completed forms
  2. 2 passport photographs (Client written his/her name at the back of the passport)
  3. Office/employer’s identity card
  4. Valid means of identification
  5. Utility bill (Not older than 3 months)
  6. Employment, confirmation or promotion letter
  7. Pension fund statement, when necessary.
  8. Interest between 2.2% - 4.5% monthly on a flat rate