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Oxford Commercial Services International Limited is one of the fastest growing young real estate companies in Nigeria with over 4000 Clients across the globe. With 22 locations and 7 proposed ultra-modern estates to make life more comfortable for real estate investors, we deliver quality services among the multifaceted real estate competitors.

Have you ever wondered why many prospects prefer coming to The Oxford Place for the best real estate solutions?

Oxford Commercial Services International Limited is not only committed to giving you top-notch real estate solutions but seriously working towards the reduction of the alarming rates of housing deficitplaguing the Nigerian society through affordable land sales, land development and real estate investment with flexible payment plans to make you buy and build with ease.

During our promos, up to 50% discount is a must for all prospects because it is part of our Corporate Social Responsibilities to put smiles on the faces of our Clients, irrespective of their social strata.

Little wonder why over 500 prospects had to take advantage of the just concluded Easter Mega Awoof Land promo 3.0 held on Saturday, 23rd March, 2019 at Ben Autos Event Place, Lagos State.

Fantastic prizes like Free Plots of Land, Cars, Tricycles, Motorcycles, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, 32 “inch” LCD TV sets, Home Theaters, Standing Fans, Gas Cooker, 12kg Gas Cylinders, 50kg Bags of Rice, 25kg Bags of Rice, 20L Groundnut Oil, Shopping Vouchers to mention just a few were enjoyed by our valued Clients for outright subscriptions.

Imagine you enjoying great benefits from the best real estate deals with just N2000 Promo Voucher just to partake in our promo.

Have you ever thought of becoming not just a landowner but a homeowner? This insightful tip is a great idea for you to start planning to own your dream home now.

Buy from us in any of our proposed ultra-modern estates with maximum security guaranteed, good neighbourliness, rich topographies, dry plain land, gated, fenced,good road networks, stable electricity supply and other modern facilities to give you the comfort you desire.

Our estates are Oxford Estate, ZAAM Estate, Westville Estate, Titen Estate, Providence Court, Grandeville Estate and Backlays Court.

What are you waiting for? At Oxford, instant allocation is guaranteed. Buy and build yourself a dream home with great smiles as it appreciates greatly in value.

For enquiries, call us on 07088145059, 07031344042 and 08158054819 or visit our website:

Oxford…Building you a beautiful future!

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